I miss my petite beauty. From the moment I saw her smile I knew that my life would not be complete without bathing in it daily. It is the kind of smile that lights up her face, and my heart. It is glorious and a delight. Sexy and captivating, with beautiful blue eyes that say what’s on her mind before her lips move.

Her lips are so soft, so kissable, that caressing them is a need that I have to sate. To feel hers on mine is an enjoyment that I covet.

The time we have spent together is wondrous. The comfort I felt with her did not waiver, nor break. No awkward silences, just enjoyment, conversation and sensual touches. It is a cliché but it was magical.

Now we are miles apart, and I yearn to see her again. I miss her. I feel that the attraction between us is more powerful than two magnets, I want to live my days trying to make her happy, to make her feel how she makes me feel which is unbroken bliss.

I can catch her perfume on my pillow still and fall asleep  remembering her in my arms, her gorgeous body wrapped around mine, her hair on my chest as we breathe together, hearts racing as the attraction is palpable.

I am smitten, I am happy, I am hers.

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