Busy mind, keep it busy, don’t remind myself that I am waiting for her. Work, television, reading, cooking, anything just to keep the reminder that I ache for her out of my mind.

Her smile slips into my mind and I smile so wide a grin and feel her completely. Every inch of her, every movement, every nuance of her and I miss her all over again. She will be here soon, deep breath.

Cleaning, that will do it, back to routine, don’t think about how much I need her. On hands and knees brushing up and see her hair, her long brown hair. So soft, so beautiful as it tumbles down her neck as we kiss, my fingers running through it as I caress her cheeks and neck, her perfume so intoxicating. I miss her scent. Soon.

Notification on my phone and its her, I smile again as I reply, so happy that we are together, yet so sad that too many miles separate us. Patience. 

I never felt so much love and longing in my life. I never wanted to be as complete as she makes me feel. I have never missed anyone as much as I do her.  She is my petite beauty, my heart, my first and last thought. My smile belongs to her and each moment I think of her it comes. Not long now.


Not soon enough, come sooner, I need you.

2 responses to “Need

  1. It’s like you are telling my story, more or less…🙂 Like it!!
    I’m coming back home soon and there’s someone waiting for me. I long to go back and be in his arms.
    Soon… Patience… Not long now.


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