We lay together under the soft duvet, the chill of winter kept at bay as we moved together, closer till our bodies met. The bedroom was dark, only the light of the street lights provided any hint of the outside world but that soon fell away as she caressed my lips with hers and I was encompassed with her love. As we kissed, our hands wandered over each other’s bodies and my heart beat faster. I felt so aroused, so much hers, her man.

I moved my lips down her petite frame, caressing and brushing my lips against her pert breasts and perfect nipples as my hands kept stroking her, wanting to make her feel as needed as she did me, then back up to her lips to kiss her.

Her hands stroked my shaft and I felt myself grow and throb in her hand, her soft touch was magical, I could not help get more and more aroused with every touch and tiny gasp she let out of her perfect smile as her leg moved over my thigh and her hand glided up and down my shaft. I closed my eyes and could feel my love in her, she completed me with every touch, I could smell her passion growing and her scent was intoxicating.

She pulled me onto her and my arousal parted into hers. She lifted her legs up and wide as her desire stretched to take me inside. I could feel her smile and her eyes gazing into my soul as I started to move back and forth, our hands linked together, fingers entwined. Her body was in time with mine, our movements becoming one as she clenched around me, drawing me into her deeper and deeper. Our breathing grew faster and faster, she moaned louder, her arousal growing and growing to a height that needed a release. She said my name as she climaxed and my heart jumped to the moon and back in a second, I was so happy. I leant over and kissed her lips gently and took her into my arms and held her close. Nothing could separate us, nothing could be more perfect, she could not be more perfect, and I was hers.

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